Here is some background information on our blog contributors:

Teaching Fellows

Gang Chen
College & Year: Davenport ’10
Major: East Asian Studies (China)
Teaching Site: Yali Middle School, Changsha, Hunan (2010-2012)
Other: An East Asian Studies and International Studies major at Yale, Gang has extensive travel, work and study experience in China and with Chinese. In 2007, he received the Richard U. Light Fellowship to study Chinese in Beijing. The following year, Gang interned for the U.S. Department of Commerce in Shanghai, where he focused on environmental protection technologies. The summer before graduation, he worked with U.S. Department of State in the U.S. Embassy of Tokyo on issues of environmental, economic and trade policy. During his time at Yale, Gang was a member of the Yale Concert Band and toured in the U.S., Mexico, and Brazil. Furthermore, he served as a Master’s Aide in Davenport College, as a tutor for Instrumental Connections and Teaching in Elementary Schools (T.I.E.S.), and as a peer advising coordinator at the Yale Center for International Experience. Following his time in China, Gang is considering further education in international relations and a career related to China and East Asia.

Zoe Durner-Feiler
College & Year: Saybrook ’07
Major: East Asian Studies (Japan)
Teaching Site: Xiuning Middle School, Huangshan, Anhui (2009-2011)
Other: Zoe came to Xiuning with degrees in teaching and Japanese, but very little knowledge of China. This was quickly remedied upon arrival, and now she is looking forward to sharing her new-found knowledge with all the visitors coming this summer! Zoe is easy to recognize, because she almost always has a book perched in front of her nose.

Doug Endrizzi
College & Year: Ezra Stiles ’10
Major: Physics
Teaching Site: Xiuning Middle School, Huangshan, Anhui (2010-2012)
Other: Doug is a first year fellow at Xiuning High School. Upon arriving in Xiuning, he was surprised by how not rural Xiuning can seem at times. These last several months have been a study in juxtapositions between the 21st century and the 17th century. He has explored the area extensively on his bike, and he is excited to share this experience with you.

Annie Lin
College & Year: Ezra Stiles ’09
Major: Music
Teaching Site: Xiuning Middle School, Huangshan, Anhui (2009-2011)
Other: A native speaker of Mandarin Chinese, Annie Lin joins the Teaching Fellowship with experience as a tutor and as a music teacher. She was a reading tutor for the Yale Reading Corps at Wexler Grant Community School, and a member of the Yale Concert Band, Yale Precision Marching Band, and Ezra Stiles Wind Ensemble. Annie has also worked as an assistant marketing coordinator and event coordinator for the Performing Arts Center at California Polytechnic University and as a development assistant for the San Luis Obispo Symphony. Annie has taught piano lessons, directed music for plays, and played in pit orchestras for musical theater. After her two years in China, Annie hopes to pursue a career in arts administration or non-profits based on her passion for music.

Jess Marsden
College & Year: Davenport ’08
Major: History
Teaching Site: Hunan University, Changsha, Hunan (2008-2010)
Other: Jess was bitten by the China bug in 2007, when she covered the “Yale 100″ delegation to Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an for the Yale Daily News. After graduating in 2008, she served as a teaching fellow at Hunan University in Changsha, where she developed a love for bullfrog and fish head. She stayed on in China after the fellowship to study Mandarin full-time at Tsinghua University. In the fall, she will return to New Haven to enroll at Yale Law School.

Jason Petsch
College & Year: Trumbull ’05
Major: History
Teaching Site: Yali Middle School, Changsha, Hunan (2009-2011)
Other: Following his graduation from Yale in 2005, Jason has worked as a resident advisor and social development support assistant at Cassadaga Job Corps Academy, a center providing counseling and skill development for at-risk youth in upstate New York. He has also served as project coordinator for the Chautauqua County Gleaning Project, a grassroots food recovery and community gardening project. During his time at Yale, he served as a Trumbull College dean’s aide and as a summer tour guide at the Yale Visitor Center. He was also the publicity manager for the Yale Glee Club and a class representative on the Trumbull College Council. Jason hopes to pursue a law degree after his time in China.

Aaron Reiss
College & Year: Branford ’10
Major: Environmental Studies
Teaching Site: Xiuning Middle School, Huangshan, Anhui (2010-2012)
Other: Aaron is a 2010-2012 fellow at Xiuning from Encinitas, California.  He graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies and spent his time at Yale working for the New Haven Bike Collective, playing blues and noise music on the college radio station, and working on the campus farm.  Other pre-China interestes include urban planning, cartography, design, bicycle repair, salvage and reuse, music collecting and film.  His post-China activities revolve mostly around bicycling through the rural areas of Xiuning, cooking, photography, studying Chinese, reading and coaching the Xiuning Debate Club.  You can read his blog about Xiuning at

Michael Schmale
College & Year: Berkeley ’08
Major: East Asian Studies (Japan)
Teaching Site: Xiuning Middle School, Huangshan, Anhui (2008-2010)
Other: Michael is from California and taught at Xiuning Middle School from 2008 until 2010. Since completing the fellowship he has been living in Beijing studying Mandarin at Tsinghua University.

Elizabeth W.
College & Year: Saybrook ’09
Major: Philosophy
Teaching Site: Chinese University of Hong Kong (2010-2012)
Other: Elizabeth is a current Yale-China fellow. She teaches writing composition and American Studies at Chinese University of Hong Kong. Prior to the fellowship she was a member of Public Allies, an AmeriCorps program, and through them worked at a refugee resettlement agency in New Haven and studied nonprofits. She graduated from Yale in 2009 with a degree in philosophy with a focus on international ethics.
In her free time she likes to explore, read, run, do yoga, do Krav Maga, and cook. She is looking forward to the service trip and meeting all of its participants soon!

Chris Young
College & Year: Trumbull ’09
Major: History
Teaching Site: Yali Middle School, Changsha, Hunan (2009-2011)
Other: Chris is proud to serve as a Teaching Fellow at Yali Senior Middle School – Yale-China’s original teaching site – in Changsha, the capitol of Hunan province.
While at Yali, Chris has put a great deal of attention into developing the school’s theater programs. He directed the school’s first-ever English-language musical in 2010 and is continuing his work this year with “The Lion King.” He has also taught an English-language theater class and worked with students to build an English-language improvisational acting club: “Improv Your English!”
During his time at Yale, Chris was a member of the Yale Precision Marching Band and the Yale Daily News. He also directed theatrical productions, his true passion.
Chris is thrilled to be continuing his work with Yale-China as a leader of the service trip and looks forward to meeting everyone in July!

Carol Yu
College & Year: Trumbull ’08
Major: East Asian Studies (China)
Teaching Site: Yali Middle School, Changsha, Hunan (2008-2010)
Other: Carol Yu finished her teaching fellowship in 2010 at Yali Middle School in Changsha, Hunan. She was an East Asian Studies major concentrating on China as an undergraduate at Yale and studied Chinese in Beijing several times. She is currently a 6th grade English teacher at Achievement Preparatory Academy, a public charter school located in southeast DC. In the fall she will be attending the Harvard Graduate School of Education to pursue a M.Ed in Education Policy and Management. She is so excited about returning to China to eat real Hunan food!

Yale-China Staff

Nancy Yao Maasbach
College & Year: SOM ’99
Position: Executive Director

Katie Molteni Muir
Position: Manager, Public Service & Yale Campus Programs
Other: Katie directs Yale-China’s public service initiatives and programs for undergraduates. She also coordinates Yale-China’s Fireside Chat series and works on the Teaching Fellowship and other programs in New Haven. Originally from upstate New York, Katie received a B.A. in International Studies and Asian Studies from Fairfield University. Prior to joining Yale-China, she assisted with research in Chongqing, China on women’s roles in resistance efforts during World War II and spent two years teaching English in public and private schools in northeastern China.

Zijie (Bill) Peng
Position: Program Officer, Health Program
Other: I joined Yale-China in July 2008. I assist the director of health programs with coordinating and developing projects in the health programs portfolio. I have a B.A. of Economics/Finance from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China, and a Master of Public Policy from the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. Before joining Yale-China, I worked at several international education related nonprofits in Minnesota and also interned in India, where I developed program evaluation scheme for a preschool program of a nonprofit based in New Delhi, India. I am a native of Changsha, Hunan province, where I graduated from Yali Middle School, which founded first by Yale-China more than a century ago.

Brendan Woo
College & Year: Trumbull ’08
Major: Linguistics
Position: Program Fellow
Teaching Site: Xiuning Middle School, Huangshan, Anhui (2008-2010)
Other: Since completing his teaching fellowship, Brendan has been working as a member of the Yale-China staff from Yale-China’s Hong Kong office.  He is glad that his role in planning this summer’s service tour has brought him back to Xiuning several times this year to see students and friends, and is looking forward to introducing them to you!

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