Ultimate Frisbee at Xiuzhong

Senior 2 Class 4 students strategically pass around the big groups.

Xiuzhong students are experts at how to play four sports: basketball, ping-pong, badminton, and basic track events. When one teaches them a new sport, it is crucial to keep this in mind!

Two weeks ago, I taught my classes Ultimate Frisbee, a popular pastime for many Yalies on Old Campus or Cross Campus. The students first learned how to throw a Frisbee so that it would fly smoothly through the air toward a target student. No problem! After a PowerPoint recap of game rules and multiple comprehension checks, I was confident that the students knew the rules.

Regardless of their understanding of the rules, the students reverted to playing in the style of basketball–the hands-on defense, the fast pace of the game, and checking out of bounds.

Senior 2 student Sonia guards James as he catches the Frisbee.

I caught myself screaming “慢下来! 慢下来!”, or “Slow down! Slow down!” However, once they got into the swing of things, they couldn’t help themselves! The excitement of NBA-like guarding and aggressive offensive strategies overtook them, and teams were scoring almost 10 goals per game.

We had some great players on each team though. They would make great team captains if ever an Ultimate Frisbee Team were to form in Xiuning!

Senior 2 student Daniel catches some air for the Frisbee.

About Annie

A native speaker of Mandarin Chinese, Annie Lin joins the Teaching Fellowship with experience as a tutor and as a music teacher. She was a reading tutor for the Yale Reading Corps at Wexler Grant Community School, and a member of the Yale Concert Band, Yale Precision Marching Band, and Ezra Stiles Wind Ensemble. Annie has also worked as an assistant marketing coordinator and event coordinator for the Performing Arts Center at California Polytechnic University and as a development assistant for the San Luis Obispo Symphony. Annie has taught piano lessons, directed music for plays, and played in pit orchestras for musical theater. After her two years in China, Annie hopes to pursue a career in arts administration or non-profits based on her passion for music.
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