In this space, Yale-China Teaching Fellows (current and former) will share their experiences and answer your questions in preparation for the Yale-China/Yale Alumni Service Corps (YASC) program in Xiuning in 2011. Please feel free to leave comments, ask questions, and visit often!

Editor’s Note: Several of the Teaching Fellows who will be joining us as Leaders during the program teach at other Yale-China teaching sites, though they have all spent time in Xiuning. We have asked these Fellows to share their experiences at their own teaching sites in order to give you a fuller picture of China, providing a wider context for the project sites in Xiuning.

About Brendan

Since completing his teaching fellowship, Brendan has been working as a member of the Yale-China staff from Yale-China's Hong Kong office.  He is glad that his role in planning this summer's service tour has brought him back to Xiuning several times this year to see students and friends, and is looking forward to introducing them to you!
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