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Yali Students Reaching Out

In the aftermath of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, Yale’s Chinese Student Association (CSA) organized a series of activities and events to raise funds and awareness on behalf of the earthquake’s victims. Among these activities, the most ambitious – and most … Continue reading

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Baking Bread in China

It took me a while to accept that fact that I did not come to China to eat good bread. I came to eat dumplings, noodles, pot-stickers, and stir-fry.  I came to sample the multitudinous kinds of tofu, and to … Continue reading

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Teaching Three-Part Harmony

Teaching three-part harmony in China is like teaching three-part harmony in America—it’s difficult! Here at Xiuning Middle School (Xiuzhong for short), the only music the students produce is either in the shower or in their weekly “arts” class (and these … Continue reading

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Countryside Photo

The current Teaching Fellows just held their spring teaching conference at Xiuning Middle School this weekend. As part of the conference, they took a trip into the next county over from Xiuning (Yixian) to visit some historic villages. Here is … Continue reading

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In this space, Yale-China Teaching Fellows (current and former) will share their experiences and answer your questions in preparation for the Yale-China/Yale Alumni Service Corps (YASC) program in Xiuning in 2011. Please feel free to leave comments, ask questions, and … Continue reading

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Get Ready for Xiuning!

In the coming weeks, we hope this blog will serve as a forum for Yale-China/YASC cultural exchange participants to interact with Yale-China’s Teaching Fellows on the ground in China.  Prepare for your trip by learning about life in China from … Continue reading

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